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Links of Interest

Aerospace and Science
American Indian Actors
Native American Authors
American Indian & Alaska Native Artists
Arctic Region
Rock Art
Arts and Crafts
Art and Photography
American Indian Biographies
American Indian Boarding Schools
American Indian Businesses
American Indian Arts and Crafts Businesses: Federally Recognized
American Indian Chiefs,Leaders & Warriors
American Indian Movement
American Indian Music Artists/Music/more
American Indian Radio
Charities and Loving Hearts
Animal Charities
Census Rolls
Climate Change and Indigenous People
American Indians and the Civil War
Native American Conflicts and Wars
Education / Funding
Environmental Advocacy Groups/News
Fire Fighters
Forums and Blogs
Gatherings/Powwows/Native American Games
Genealogy Research Books - Native American
Genealogy - Native American
Genealogy - How Do I Trace Indian Ancestry?
Guide to Tracing American Indian & Alaska Native Ancestry

General Interest
Going Green
Goofy Grape
Health and Welfare
Herbal Products
Job & Career Opportunities
Land Cessions in the United States
Legends/Literature/Stories and Poems
Maps - Indian Land Cessions in the United States
Medicine Animals
Medicine Wheels
Pen Pals/Incarcerated American Indians
Prophecies and Philosophies
Radio, Webcast and TV / Productions
Recreation & Parks
Totem Poles
Veterans Corner
Viruses/Virus Hoaxes/Free Scans/Downloads
Visiting a Reservation
Wind and Solar
Youth Orginizations/Programs

General Website Pages

Aboriginal Australia
Aboriginal Australian Group Names
A History of National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month
Alaskan Culture Regions
Alberta's Tar Sands Oil and Water
A Little Documented History
American Bison
American Indian and Alaska Native Veterans Lasting Contributions
American Indian Cancer Foundation
American Indian Colleges
American Indian Horse
American Indian Movement (AIM)
American Indian - Old Census Records
American Indian Religious Freedom Act and Amendments
Autonomous Chapters of AIM
Ancestral Puebloans of the Southwest
American Indian Radio
Beyond The Mississippi
Black Indians
Black Poison
Blood Quantum Law or Genetic Bottleneck?
Brucellosis & Bioterror- Seperating Fact from Fiction
Brucellosis in Wild Bison Fact Sheet
Brucellosis: The Bull Stops Here
Cahokia Mounds
Caroline Cannon's Speech
Caroline Cannon: Protecting Point Hope
Catawba Indian Nation Time Line
Census Top 25 US Tribes: 1990 and 1980
Cherokee Pages
Choctaw Code Talkers
Climate Change and Native Americans
Columbus Day
Congress Granted Citizenship
Composite Indian Reorganization Act For Alaska
Constitution of the Iroquois Nations
Constitutional Status of American Indians
Corporate Charter of the Akiak Native Community Alaska
Dawes Act of 1887
Death Of An Eagle
Devastation of Forest Fires
Differences Between Alaska Tribes and Lower 48 Tribes
Eskimo Scouts
Examples: Consultation With Indian Tribal Governments
Executive Orders Establishing Reservations
Facts about Tribes and Reservations
FAQ's About Native Americans
First American Indian Astronaut
First Native American Woman Aviator
"For America to Live, Europe Must Die"
Forced Removal
Genetic Diversity of the Yellowstone Bison
Goofy Grape
Great Leaders, Warriors and People
Guide to Tracing American Indian & Alaska Native Ancestry
History of Urban Indian Health Programs
Hopi Message to the United Nations 1992
Indian Adoption Project
Indian Alcohol
Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990
Indian Boarding Schools
Indian Removal Act of 1830
Indian Reorganization Act 1934
Indian Reorganization Act, showing significant amendatory changes
Indian Smallpox
Indian Treaties and the Removal Act of 1830
Indigenous peoples of Brazil
Inuits - The Northern People - Legends/Stories
Ishi- The Last Yahi
Kalaalit Nunaat (Greenland)
Long Walk to the Bosque Redondo

Lords of the Southern Plains Comanche Timeline
Maori of Aotearoa
Massacre at Wounded Knee
Mato Tipila
Meeting the Challenge of Oil Spill Mitigation in the Arctic
Mesoamerican Indian Cultures
Metis - A People - A Nation
Moon's Phase
Mountaintop Removal Destroys Communities
National Bison Day
Native Americans and the U.S. Military
Native American Authors Past and Present
Native American Books
Native American Books for Children
Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
Native American Women Veterans: Native American Indian Heritage Month
Natural Selection
Natural Selection: Not Genetically Engineered Foods and Crops
Navajo Codetalkers
Nee-Me-Poo National Recreation Trail
Nixon's Special Message On Indian Affairs 1970
Overpopulation of Wild Bison Fact Sheet
Palaeo Eskimos
Piestewa Peak
Point Hope Alaska
Potawatomi Trail of Death
President Ronald Reagan's Message On American Indian Policy
Proclamation Regarding Nez Perce Res 1895
Project Chariot
Puye Cliff Dwellings
Questions and Answers on the "Chief"
Red Cry
Revised Spelling of Names Tribes and Bands
Robin's Page
Sand Creek Massacre
Say No!!! To Indian Mascots
Searching For Your Roots
Short Biographies
Spirit of a Nation
States and Places Named After Indian Words
The Bureau of Caucasian Affairs
The Mesenger
The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same
The Ocean Is Not For Sale
The Wall
Thomas Jefferson's Confidential Letter to Congress
Treaties Between Hawaii and the U.S.
Treaties Between the Cherokee and the U.S.
Treaty of Point No Point: Treaty With The S''Klallam, 1855
Tribal Names and their Meanings
Twenty-Point Position Paper: "Trail Of Broken Treaties"
Twin Sisters (Ch'ich'iyúy Elxwíkn)
United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Urban Indian Centers
Urban Indian Health Programs
Urban Program Websites and Profiles
U.S.Army Campaigns against Native Americans: "Indian Wars"
U.S. Navy Ships Named in Honor of Native Americans
Veterans Corner
Wapittis Sketches
Wars and Battles between Native Americans and Europeans
We Are Worth Saving
Where oh Where has My Heritage Gone?
Who Were the Yuchi
Yellow Dust
Yellow Dust Road
Your Link To The Reservations

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